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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  December 2, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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powered by hyundai motor. it is going to be ok. every eight minutes, the red cross response to a disaster. this hall they help us keep it. john: the mass shooting san bernadino, california, is the top story. please is that the shooting started at 11 a.m.. they got the call at the inland regional center. it's earth people with developmental disabilities.
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they believe that at least three people opened fired using long guns. they do not know what type. the most scary thing right now is that these people are still at large. however many shooters there were, they got away. perhaps in a car -- dark-colored suv. what are you worried about the potentl motives or suspects? >> they cannot know whether this was connected to terrorism or not, only time will tell. what the police chief in san bernardino did say is that these people came prepared. they had long guns, they did not have handguns.
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they came as if they were on a mission. were directly targeting this people. they might have inside knowledge of the building. they knew what they were doing. they knew where to go, they scape super quickly. they left before the police the got there. >> for the people who don't know what san bernardino is, it is 60 talk east of los angeles, a little bit about this it istee question mark >> fallen on pretty hard times recently. bloomberg has been covering san bernardino recently because they declared bankruptcy. there is pretty high crime there. gang activity, drug activity. whether it is connected to that we have no idea. it is pretty hard place to live.
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this does not add anything to it. the police force has shrunk their in the wake of bankruptcy. homicides have surged. >> till me about what you know about the service center? i have seen reports of some government employees it is for people with the belt until disabilities. the police chief said that the shooting may have lasted several minutes at obsidian some time to kill 14 people. and wound 14 others. there are hundreds of people that came out of the facility after their words -- afterwards. they are interviewing the people to see if they got any information on the suspects. what they were wearing, if they said anything.
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we will hear all about that when the investigation continues and they give us more information on that. john: tells about the gun control debate in california, we know it is a involving situation. like outhe debate there among politicians and the public question mark? >> you have the inland areas which are more conservative and the more rule. on the cosi of the big cities and those places tend to be residents and politicians that want to see stricter gun control measures. we have already seen a barbara boxer and other politicians in the area say this violence has got to stop. this is the latest mass shooting in the u.s. in just one week. with the shooting and colorado last week. this is the second in less than a week. we are seeing some politics play out here.
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whether we will see further gun control in california in particular, obviously time will tell. isdo not know, california dominated by democrats. it could pass here more quickly than on the federal level. mark: there have been atf agents on the scene, do you know what they are looking for? >> fbi, atf have been here responding. --y are entering pete interviewing people who have came out of the building. there try to find out information about who the people were there were shooting at them. suvr questions on the dark on the loose with the three suspected killers. they are going to be searching for that. they're going to be probing all of the links to terrorism. multiple perpetrators, there was a quick escape.
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these are not typical characteristics that we have seen in mass shootings. in colorado, one a loan of mass shooter. this is a different scenario, they will be looking into this, how coordinated was this, who would be the people who wanted to coordinate this attack. john: we'll have more on bloomberg all evening into tomorrow. thank you so much. we'll have more on all this throughout the show. people are reacting, all right in speaker the house -- rand paul -- paul ryan. candidates have started to react as these things happen on twitter. the tweets are all roughly the same. they have certain repetitive quality of them. and 52nd mass shooting of the year in america.
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we are on more than one per day clip now. a must three years ago when sandy hook shocked the country at the elementary school, they have the more than a thousand mass shootings avenue taken place, more than 1300 people killed, 3700 wounded. there is an epidemic quality to this now. one of the big questions that he -- he's being raised is is this country becoming a callous and coming to accept this as the way of the american way of life and death or is there growing outrage now bring about some kind of change. as always we have to get more facts before you can draw conclusions. the fact that there were three shooters, makes a pretty different. of the mass shootings we
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have seen have been loan shooters with mental health problems. will tell you about how people will react. turns out to be more than three people, is a just a higher level of coordination. the notion of the loan crazy gunman suggest that this might be different. but it does not suggest a indifferent about the gun control debate. of widely availability different forms of firearms will be at the center of this is -- discussion. john: without a doubt we are going to talk about in this program, it will be part of the discussion and in the presidential campaign. take cruz is supposed to do a campaign at a gun range in iowa on friday. secretary clinton in her tweet response as was bernie sanders were both very outspoken as you can be in a tweet regarding --
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wishing for more gun control in the country. that is a change because you see the two leading democratic president of candidates very emboldened about talking to seek run control then hit you have seen recent gun control candidates. mark: if this election is going to be one driven by motivating the state poll and playing less for the center this is going to be a case where it the democrats are going to be playing with a little bit more difficult -- differently. is that the center is increasingly opened to gun control measures. we will have more in a moment. we'll talk with senator bill bradley. ♪
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: we could take steps not to eliminate everyone of these mass shootings but to improve the odds so they do not happen as frequently. common sense, gun safety laws, stronger to background checks. for those who are concerned about terrorism, some may be aware of the fact that we have a no-fly list where people cannot get on planes but those same people who we do not allowed to a fire on in a store right now. there's nothing we could do to stop it. that is a law that needs to be changed. is we are able to
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contain this particular shooting and we do not yet know what the motives of the shooters are. that there know is are steps that we can take to make americans safer and that we should come together and apart tyson -- bipartisan basis. we should make these rare as opposed to normal. we should never think that this is something that just happened in the ordinary course of events. it does not happen of the same frequency and other countries. john: bill bradley. senator from new jersey. is horrifying but increasingly common as president obama is putting out now.
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is this an epidemic question m? bill bradley: we need background checks. the same thing should be with guns. in addition, i think that some people with mental problems should find health clinics in this country so they get treated will not be murdering people on the streets we do not know the , you talk about mental
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health, what about the question to harden need to do targets in this country. john: is it possible that that is something the country needs is gwen moore on question mark -- something that the country need to spend more on ? bill bradley: we have artie gone through a lot of changes since 9/11. it is impossible to prevent some events happening somewhere sometime in the world. otherwise you do not leave your house. we have to accept a certain risk. the reality is people cannot accept risks, we want no risk, we cannot make policy, that is not right. so it is important we do prudent things. we have the fbi and we have a
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very good agency the president thectively involved in this last thing we need right now is demagoguery politicians who point the finger at somewhere else. you grew up in a rural state, why did this gun have more guns than -- per capita than any other country question ?ark there is the nra which is the radical movement of the gun of movement. the nra was once a organization -- americans want to buy guns because there's no penalty for buying guns. they want to buy guns because they are afraid, why are they afraid? the media and politicians plays
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on those fears. we and up in a situation with a country is becoming more more armed especially with the individuals. open carry laws, college campuses where kids come out with guns. imagine friday night on a college campus where kids are carrying guns. it's him the gun happen? sure. i can remember the late 80's in the 90's where you are involved in the crime policies. is the fundamental nature changed? the way americans deal of guns? the end i has become a cell at organization. a used to be an organization of .un owners that taught children
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have gun lobbies funding campaigns in ways that lock people in two positions that get no change whatsoever. our powerful nra is it a something more fundamental happening in the culture than this? i think people are becoming afraid, 9/11 was a real shock. politicians now want to point fingers at against, muslims. meaning that they are the problem. the reality is we had to do with fear ourselves, individually and as a country. we cannot live in a life where there will never be at that event happening. it is evolution. we will be back in a moment with more from bill bradley. we'll be talking after this. ♪
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are women who are really interested in technology. ♪ we are back still monitoring the latest news from california with the mass shooting. to continue our conversation with former senator bill bradley. you're a longtime student of russia, what you think about tom friedman writing about how putin has been a failure. what he is done in the baltics, crimea has been a failure. bill bradley: in terms of his domestic constituency in russia, it is a dramatic success. in terms of achieving objectives, it is not been a tremendous success. with the ask ourselves to we want another enemy in the world? i think we have enough, russia
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has legitimate security interests, they're much more strategic interest to ukraine than with the u.s. does. we need to do is say unequivocally that ukraine will not be a part of nato. as a neutral country it can do with the west and east. it worked pretty well for finland, austria, it alters your work for the ukraine. what about in syria question mark? how do you think the united states has juggled russia and syria? bill bradley: in the middle east with syria, i think we need a little bit more stability and less naivete. we need sunni troops on the ground. we do not want to fall into the isis trap, the flowing foreign forces, killing muslims.
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we do not to demonize muslims and western countries, they are recruiting mechanisms for this organization. muslims,e need support sunni muslims who are fighting isis today. syriatake the alawites in , that is a recruiting mechanism as well. the question is does russia and the united states have the same interests here? want toians clearly have a syrian state and iraqi state. the iranians also want to have different states. with the think seriously about someplace for sunnis to have their own state. tom friedman same column, in terms of fighting
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>> an impossible job badly? if it is impossible -- >> he played a bad hand badly. >> if we accept the premise that the .s. ground troops in middle east is no going to solve the problem, it ist an invitation for more isis involvement, he thinking has done a good job. moreto not insert military. it does not mean you cannot have sunnidvisors with the regulars, rebels but i do not think you can point the finger at president obama and say he is responsible. you have to look at who is responsible, it is the president the baathup iraq, put military and the islamic fundamentalists together in jails and let them plan isis.
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the iraqi invasion will be one of the worst foreign-policy decisions for generations. >> what do you see a year from now, is the resolution or is this continued crisis and conflict? optimistic there will be a resolution. what we could have if we want to put on a positive spin is you could have sufficient sources arming rebels and then the rebels succeeding against isis. the syrian government pulling back, having a negotiation about what is the form of the syrian government, recognizing the need for a sunni homeland and a kurdish homeland and then you might get something. i think in that situation, russia has to be at the table. >> last quick question. about the country and the
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republican party? bill: this is an extension -- and nexus dental moment for the republican party. martin luther king said that real tragedy is not the strident clamor of bad people, it is the appalling silence of good people. there are a lot of good people in the republican party even running for president and they need to take on the demagogic actions we have seen in this campaign as opposed to pandering. withder helps people deal fear, gets them beyond fear, does not pander to fear. i think it says simply that our politics has become more and more extreme and this is an example that it is destructive to who we are as a country. it falls into the trap that isis has laid for us. the more we demean and demonize muslims that is a recruiting tactic. we have to understand if you want to fight terrorism in the united states and we think that muslims are part of that problem our greatest ally in the fight are muslim americans.
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instead of demonizing them we need to understand their importance to our own security and to our view of who we are as a people. you coming in.d we are following the issue of the shooting in california. we will have updates when we come back and more news from the political world including a poll senatorws something bradley does not like which is donald trump at the top of the pack. we will be right back. ♪
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>> the horrific mass shooting in san bernardino, california is
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the dominant story in the news and we are tracking that story tonight. shooting, to another this one from the gun of a police officer in chicago and captured on video. its release has brought a storm to the mayor's office. mayor emanuel sat down for a queue of -- a q&a with politico. a black teenager was shot 16 times by a white officer. voted and ieople will execute the responsibilities of being the mayor and being accountable for the decisions i make and be responsible. john: this is not a defiant rahm emanuel but a resolute one. not saying he will -- saying he will not resign. how powerful is the fallout? john: it is bad. this is a bad thing politically. his tenure as mayor has been embroiled in controversies and
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criticisms over the violence in the city, the gun violence in the city. this one involving a police officer escalates things quite a bit and the fact that the city was not forthcoming with this video or with other information about the case has created a political problem for him that he has dealt with in part by getting rid of the chief of police but he is going to have to continue to rebuild his relationship with a lot of parts of the city. mark: the homicides are so out of control that they rival or forces debts of overseas. when your citizen -- city becomes synonymous with savagery and mayhem and death is not at good situation to be in. this video got released late. was representative.
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he is generally a pugnacious guy but this has disrupted the economy of the city, it has caused a lot of people in the non-white communities to be very angry at him and he has had a bad relationship with the african at -- african community -- african american community. this is a defining moment for him. there is other political news that we will talk about as we continue to monitor the shooting. a new poll came out this morning that has bad news for one of the big candidates in the race, dr. ben carson. his support has dropped seven points since the poll last month. in theolls show him down last few weeks since national security came to the four. that puts him tied in third place with ted cruz and marco rubio. donald trump is still leading in the poll, 27%. obviously good news for trump, bad news for carson. who else is doing well in this
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poll based on the trajectories and the cross tabs? >> there is good news for marco rubio and ted cruz. there are categories in which cruises in the lead and categories in which rubio is in the lead. it shows how the two of them are gaining strength at not at trumps expense but competing with him. crews competing for the conservative and evangelical vote and rubio competing for the more moderate vote. both of those guys have a lot of room to grow so this poll is good news for oath of them and good news for donald trump. >> they are doing well on whether you would consider voting for this person? rubio is down a little bit since last month. >> i believe -- there it is.
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clinton is even with everybody. she does worst against trump. rubio is tied with her, cruise a little bit mind. all this poll shows is it is still the fact that no one has emerged as a trump alternative. while crews and rubio seem to have the most potential to grow to be a trump alternative for voters, no one is a clear alternative. >> marco rubio to the extent seemshere is anyone, he to be the one player who has some strength in the establishment. it cannot overlook the big headline. ben carson is fading and there is -- it is not the first poll we have seen where this is true. isk: the conventional wisdom he is done. john: that is not the first: which we have seen it.
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mark: what do you give to the guy who has everything? aforementioned donald trump and the particle press corps has decided to give him free attention. he has not spent any money on advertising. he saysng he gets -- gets re-aired and dissected by the pundit class. think -- is the media out to get him or are they enabling his rise? hand the presse loves trump because he is an interesting story. part of his political attraction is he is interesting. john: he is fun. many reporters have pointed this out.
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mark: i sense a lot of the coverage and interviews, there is a desire to not be part of history that says we did not scrutinize him enough. we were not tough enough. the interviews are little bit press is still helping trump more than they are hurting him with the covers -- coverage. this thing where you see people bringing their hands and saying the media should not give him any oxygen. he is the front runner, you have to cover him. mark: it is not up to the press to stop the candidate. the other candidates will have to stop him. right now trump is barely flexing and he gets most of the coverage. we will talk about the great republican panic over donald trump. jonathan martin talks about his story the party is obsessing over, worry about trump after this. ♪
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>> in your heart you know he is right. vote for barry goldwater. john: he was blamed for his party's loss of three dozen house seats. donald trump was compared to goldwater as your publicans worry about what will happen to races across the country if the current front runner went his party's presidential nomination.
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today at a christian science monitor breakfast john mccain offered a similar concern. know fromng: we all history that if you have a weak top of the ticket that has a significant effect on states, particularly the swing states. john: here to talk about the story, the author. it has been the case that the republican establishment has been freaked out, worried, concerned about donald trump for a long time. you say it has reached a new level. finding inys are you terms of their level of concern? >> it is the calendar. there is this long-held notion as you know among a lot of party grandes that this will fade with the end of summer or once people the votingrious but
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is getting somewhat near and he still has a base of support. weeds a little bit, what worries folks is the for he has. it seems like the matter what he a level of support that he does not fall below. he has a horde -- a hard core amen corner that defends him, that is for him through thick and thin. the concern is that as long as the party is divided in terms of who it is for that the trump 20% or 22% could be a plurality for him. that i think is the real danger right now. mark: are there republicans who worried this could be a blowout like mcgovern? polarization in this country whoever the nominee is will still win more states and --tgomery -- montgomery
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mcgovern was able to win. it is left with the number of states to whether it is 36 or 42, it is more the issue is -- that is this candidate so toxic we spend next are trying to insulate our down ballot candidates from that person's candidacy and that creates all kinds of -- if not hourly problems for the campaign. john: are they tempted to speak out to rally support publicly for a more establishment candidate they feel more comfortable running with? guest: you do not see this rush to become theody standard bearer who can stop trump. that is there is no obvious person to stop him. there is no one yet to rally around. there is some chatter about rubio especially in the senate
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but you are not seeing a rush to someone like rubio. i will tell you guys i talked to a few of the candidates who are up next year. , the first-term senator from pennsylvania will have a tough rate -- race. having given a lot of thought to the presidential, trump has been winning for well but it is still fluid. we will see what happens very at they do not want to confront this yet at least publicly. the reason is they do not want to antagonize trump. they do not want to embrace him either. can you tell me either of you political reporters and have covered this stuff for decades, the last time a front runner in either party for this long had not picked up one single endorsement from a member of the house or senate? john: it is unprecedented. i have not heard of it in my career. the basic dynamic urs -- you are
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describing is everyone is getting freaked out. what no one is willing to do anything about it. paul singer and the koch brothers may be having some conversations. guest: preliminary, short of what with this look like but when i asked have you tested this in polling or focus groups evenve you thought about drying up and and, the response i got from folks who were familiar with them in their thinking did not suggest they had gone to that point yet. i would use the term preliminary. hebdo's -- charlie rose has a fresh take on his interview with hillary clinton. we will talk to him after this. ♪
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trolley: you have had a remarkable life. hillary clinton: i am not doing it to move again. charlie: is it about history, is it about the first woman? hillary clinton: that would be a next her added part of it. but for me i really love this country and i think this will be one of those watershed elections where we are either going to get the economy to work for everyone or we are to see increasing inequality and unfairness in a way that we have not seen since the 1920's. we are either going to figure out how to live together despite all of our differences, show respect for people and enforce civil rights, women's rights, gay rights, workers rights, or we are going to have the balance shift dramatically against the kind of democracy that i believe
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in that i think works best for america. the great charlie rose and his interview with hillary clinton that he undertook of late and aired just last night on his show. wide ranging and thought-provoking as usual. you have known hillary clinton for a long time, probably about as well as any american journalist knows her. sitting down with her for this interview which ran for an hour, what struck you? a very charlie rose question. charlie: i like it. you have been watching and listening and learning. it is the angle. athink she seems -- there is theme that comes up this conversation, it is about american leadership. i asked her does that mean you do not think that america is being led well now or there is a vacuum and people are asking for american leaders, she did not want to go there but she talked whereclimate, syria as
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america has to lead. she and the president are about the same place. with the difference of no-fly zone. iteresting about that point, talked to someone today who knows that arena very well. combat, boots on the ground. these men and women who will be there are risk and they will be doing things that have not been done before. that is one person's opinion who knows the national security deal. were do think the answers from the heart and head or tends to with political -- tinged with political consideration? charlie: it always is tinged with a lyrical considerations and it is true with her. i do think she is more engaged in this interview than she is often in interviews. part of that is she likes the long form, i have known her for a long time. we have talked about many
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subjects along the way in books and everything else. a she clearly wants to be president. she clearly is trying to create the narrative that will propel her there. she has already created that narrative. that mean some critical calculation and how she frames her answers. she will find differences and distinguish -- distinctions but she will not criticize the president. she wants his constituency. john: all people deal with this question of how much with distance. it she feel comfortable in talking about areas where she does not agree? charlie: i suspect she is with respect to the transpacific treaty. they are at different places with that. she supported while she was secretary of state and she said her support was conditional on some things, that is a clinical
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answer. she is pleased to do that. her constituency on the left of the democratic party want her to be where she is. mark: she took some debate -- talked the debate, you to her about wall street. she did not seem to back away posture is which is wall street is part of new york, i represent that. charlie: i agree with that but so did barack obama. had friends in silicon valley and so does she. did she vote in the senate different from other people who are where she was, the center of the m a credit party, i doubt it -- democratic party, i doubt it. john: she is feeling comfortable where she are -- where she is.
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she felt more threatened by bernie sanders. to be moree trying cautious. for her to be as embracing that label, embracing wall street strikes me as a sign she is feeling confident. you know what i mean. charlie: she is not embracing wall street but she is in -- acknowledging she was a new york senator so she had dealings with wall street. have undue influence, are you unwilling to regulate wall street, those of the big questions. john: you agree with me she seems confident. charlie: i could not have said it better. mark: here's another attempt at eight charlie rose type question. knowing her as you do, what do you wonder about her now? -- i once gotder criticized along with tom brokaw because we said we did not really know a lot about barack
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obama. fine. my friend rush limbaugh jumped all over that for five years. the thing i do not know about she has moved to the left a little bit here. thinkot sure that -- i she is and has been mostly a centrist allocation most -- politician most of her life as has been her husband. i do not know where they differ. the thing i worry -- i wonder about is what his role will be. politician.te most believe there has not been a very -- a better politician. we both care about narrative. we understand the importance of narrative in politics. do you think she has a story to tell, a compelling story and she knows what that story is?
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charlie: i do not. john: she may not know yet. charlie: i do not know. i think the narrative she would say, i asked her why are you running for president and i said is it history, do you want to be the first female president, the 4 -- first former first lady and she said it had to do with other things. she wants to do things. i could believe that about most people. they want to be president because you can do things, it is the place for you have the power. i think the narrative is doentially is trying to something about the divide in washington so we can get things done, about an investment in the country. i think it is about the middle class. all of us know that we have a real problem in terms of what is happening to the middle class in america and i do not think there is a more urgent domestic issue.
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mark: thank you. we will be right back. ♪
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mark: details on that mass shooting are still coming in. 14 people have been killed and 14 others injured. for more details follow the latest news and reaction on bloomberg we will see you tomorrow. thanks for watching. sayonara. ♪ . .
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